Losing a four-legged family member

The loss of a dog is a traumatizing experience. You’ll feel like turning back the hands of time.  It’s emotionally challenging each time you reminisce about your lost four-legged family member. You will find yourself recalling the good times you had with your friend.

Yes, it’s normal to think that the lost 4-legged member of your family is irreplaceable. Be that as it may, you can still find love again. Yes, you can adopt a new dog and make new connections while still honoring the memory of the one you lost.  Adopting a new dog will help you to make new connections, and bring back a lot of the sweet memories of your lost friend. Remember, getting a new pet will not make you forget about the old one, but will keep the sweet memories of the old one permanently alive. Getting a new puppy will also help you fill the void.

You can follow the steps below to adding a new dog to the family. Adopting a new dog may not be an easy task, but the information provided below can ease the process.

Important questions to ask

Before adopting a new dog, you should find answers to the various questions highlighted below:

  • Are you ready to dedicate the same time and attention that you devoted to the previous puppy?
  • Does your new pet breed have the characteristics of the previous puppy? If they do, it can help in easing the transition.
  • Can you recall how you felt after the first puppy kiss from your lost friend? Those fond memories can help you connect to a new puppy.

Choosing the right place to buy a dog

Chances are you have not been in the market for buying a puppy in nearly a decade. Today, dogs are sold everywhere, but not all places deserve your patronage. You can even adopt a stray dog from rescue or shelter. However, it is best to get a puppy from a proper, qualified breeder using best practices, food, and care for your soon to be a family member. This way, you can ensure their puppies are well cared for and well trained to fit your family’s lifestyle.

One Bark Plaza aims to bridge the gap between you, the qualified puppy parent, and the reputable breeders carefully vetted and interviewed by us across the nation.