Time to Adjust

New puppy parents are faced with the challenge of what to do after bringing home a new friend. While puppy training is fun, it also presents its challenges if you lack the time, patience, and consistency.

While following up with our Puppy Parents, we felt a basic outline of what to do when getting a puppy was in order. Everyone should consider these simple steps to get started. We shall cover three basic steps on what to do when you get your pup home. It will also serve as a foundation on how to treat, train, and mold your pup into the perfect dog.

Visit the vet immediately after picking up the puppy

Visiting the vet is a critical initial step for the well being of your pup. Shortly after picking up your pup, you should take them to the veterinarian for a proper nose-to-tail health check. This check-up protects you and your puppy. This also starts the road map to scheduled check-ups, vaccinations, and a relationship with your veterinarian.

Create a training schedule for your pup

No matter the breed, you’ll need to create a training plan immediately. The earlier you start the puppy training, the faster your dog starts to understand rules. Teaching your pup basic skills such as sitting down, responding to your voice, and coming to you when called will factor in your success with puppy training. You can adopt many different types of training, although I find that reward and praise work the best. I feel this is the fastest way to your loyal pup’s heart. Always reward your friend, and they will return the favor.

 Socialize your puppy

Speak to your veterinarian first. This way, you can make sure your pup can handle any germs they may come in contact with. Socializing is the key to a well-rounded dog. This will assist your dog in building relationships and learning skills from other dogs. By socializing your puppy around other older (and well mannered) dogs, they tend to pick up some skills faster.

At One Bark Plaza, we believe your pup deserves the best of everything. Kindly contact our Puppy Pro’s if you have any questions regarding one of our pups. We can also assist you in choosing the pup that will best suit your personality and purpose.