Barking and hiding are signs of a nervous puppy

Here are some of our top tips to help you with introducing your new puppy to other dogs and people. Getting your puppy acquainted to your other dogs and other people is a stressful situation for both you and your puppy. For a puppy, it can be a scary situation, though it doesn’t need to be. Here are some tips that will help you introduce your puppy and that will help you make your dog feel more at ease and comfortable around other dogs and people. Does your puppy hide behind you when you go to public places like the park? Does he bark at other dogs or at people? If this sounds like something you are dealing with yourself, you are up for quite a challenge. Even though you want your puppy to feel comfortable, you don’t want his or her fear to get in the way of experiencing new and exciting things.

Top tips to introduce your new puppy to other dogs:

  • Begin by finding a calm and serene environment for your puppy.
  • Ensure you begin the introduction process in an environment that has very little to no distractions for your dog.
  • You should always use a well-behaved dog that is familiar with dealing in different environments.
  • For best results, introduce your new puppy to a confident and well-adjusted dog. A dog that is used to being around a social environment.

Top tips to introduce your new puppy to new people:  

  • When having guest over, put your new dog in a separate area until everyone has settled.
  • Let your dog make the first move. Never let a stranger approach your puppy by touching or speaking to it until the new puppy shows interest in meeting the new people.
  • The new person can place a treat in their hand and hold it out for the dog. Instruct them to hold the treat without making eye contact and then drop it nearby. Ideally when the person is in a seated or crouched position.
  • Don’t reward your new puppy if he continues to show fear or is still shy. If you reward your dog for showing these emotions you are telling him or her that their behavior is acceptable and even good.

Remain calm and be patient. Puppies typically love treats more than they are afraid of people or other dogs. For when you are bringing home another dog, your puppy will eventually get the courage to approach the new dog or person, though it could take some time. Don’t rush the process of introducing your new puppy to people and dogs! Have patience or you may exacerbate your puppy’s fears and shyness.