Toy Australian Shepherd

Are you looking for an active family dog in a smaller package? Then the Toy Australian Shepherd might be the right fit for you and your family. Boundless energy and loyalty are the characteristics associated with this beautiful breed. They are best suited for active homes with time to dedicate to their dogs. Also, the  Toy Australian Shepherd does best with an engaged human partner(s). An owner who can spend time interacting with them. A Toy Australian Shepherd is a great option for people who want the fun and energy of the breed but in a smaller package.

The Toy Australian Shepherd needs to be around their people just like the standard breed. Training and socialization are essential for Australian Shepherd puppies. Therefore, with love and care, this smart, eager to please breed will become a loving member of your family. With Australian Shepherd puppies available from reputable breeders, One Bark Plaza can put you in touch with your future puppy today.

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