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Sturdy and hardy, with a solid dose of gentleness, the Bernese Mountain Dog is a large breed canine whose affectionate nature makes him an ideal family dog. Eager to please with a friendly disposition, this social dog needs to be with his owner and family regularly. As a working dog, this breed prefers to have a job to do, whether watching over his family or accompanying his owner on a hike. The Bernese Mountain dog can be comic at times, and can quickly learn to repeat an action if it gets laughs and attention.

Bernese Mountain dog puppies can be clumsy when young, but after they grow into their large frames, they are quite agile and graceful. The Bernese Mountain dog is a sensitive breed, so positive training techniques should be introduced when the Bernese Mountain dog puppy is young. This dog is a high-energy breed, but if exercised regularly, will be calm and content around his family. Is your active family looking for a new addition? Check out the Bernese Mountain dog puppies available from One Bark Plaza and find that perfect match for your family today.

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