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Intelligent, noble, and adaptable, the German Shepherd reigns supreme as one of the most recognized and popular dogs in the world. This hard-working breed thrives on having a job to perform. Whether it is fetching your slippers or guarding the property and family, they love to have a job.

The German Shepherd breed is prone to being alert and aloof. This makes them exceptional companions for children. Primarily, if they have been raised with kids. Once a German Shepherd accepts you into their heart, they will be loyal to you forever. This breed craves human attention. Therefore, needs to be part of his family regularly. They do not tolerate long periods alone.

A German Shepherd Puppy needs early training and socialization. They are notoriously trainable. However, due to the breed’s high intelligence, they may not be the best dog for a first-time owner. There are a wide variety of coat colors available. This includes the in-demand sable German Shepherd, white German Shepherd, and black German Shepherd.

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