22 Weeks Old

Date Of Birth: November 7, 2019

Weight (Lbs.): 6

Gender: Male

Color: White & Cream

Registry: AKC

Puppy Tag #: 239066

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What comes with our puppy?


Meet Aspen, one of our amazing French Bulldog puppies available for you. He has a very rare white and cream color, therefore, he will be the talk of the town. Aspen is an affectionate French Bulldog puppy. He will never have a shortage of puppy kisses. Make this captivating French Bulldog yours today!


Easygoing, Affectionate, Lively, Sociable, Keen, Patient, Alert, Bright, Athletic, Playful

Average Adult Weight16 - 28 lbs
Average Adult Height12 - 13 inches
Average Life Expectancy10 - 14 years
Training EASY HARD
Shedding MIN MAX
Adaptability EASY HARD

Instantly recognizable from his bat-shaped ears and wrinkled face, the French Bulldog, also called the Frenchie, has an even, affectionate personality and a versatility that makes this breed ideal for any living situation. This active little watchdog is so caring, easygoing that he will turn heads and win hearts wherever he goes. The Frenchie is a popular breed due to his unique looks and loyal nature.

What is a French Bulldog?

He is the American standard-bred which originated first in England with the English Bulldog before the breed was brought to France. The bat-shaped ears are unique to the American breed only. Although generally eager to please, Frenchie can have a stubborn streak. Early socialization and positive training techniques will ensure that a French Bulldog puppy stays true to his breed and matures into a wonderful family dog. Learn more about the Frenchie at One Bark Plaza. While you are there, check out the Frenchie puppies available from our vetted Frenchie breeders.