16 Weeks Old

Date Of Birth: December 17, 2019

Weight (Lbs.): 3

Gender: Male

Color: Black, Tan and White

Registry: UABR

Puppy Tag #: 237169

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What comes with our puppy?


Meet Charley, one of our adorable Beagle puppies for you. His tricolor marking and his cute face make him stunning, therefore he will spark up a conversation wherever he goes. Charley is a playful, outgoing and intelligent Beagle puppy. His personality is what we look for in all Beagles. Make this amazing Beagle puppy yours today!



Amiable, Determined, Intelligent, Even Tempered, Excitable, Gentle

Average Adult Weight18 - 30 lbs
Average Adult Height15 – 17 cm
Average Life Expectancy12 – 15 years
Training EASY HARD
Shedding MIN MAX
Adaptability EASY HARD

Happy-go-lucky and loyal are the qualities that best describe the nature of the Beagle. This energetic and lovable breed is best known for his friendly demeanor and sweet disposition. Ranked as one of the best dogs for kids, the Beagle is an excellent dog for families with children of any age. With a taste for adventure and prone to silly and comic antics, the Beagle dog is guaranteed to keep life interesting.

This breed can be independently minded; thus. positive training and early socialization are important for Beagle puppies. Keep in mind that Beagles are famous for baying, so life with a Beagle is not a quiet one. Although the Beagle is not a large breed, smaller versions called pocket beagles are also widely available. Does a Beagle puppy sound right for you? View all of our available Beagle Puppies and bring home a new best friend today.