10 Weeks Old

Kid FriendlySocializedFamily Raised

Date Of Birth: July 11, 2020

Weight (Lbs.): 9

Gender: Male

Color: Black & Tan

Registry: AKC

Puppy Tag #: 323504

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Meet Bo, one of our adorable Rottweiler puppies for sale. He has a traditional black and tan with the confidence you look for in a Rottweiler. Bo, will make a great companion. Whether its out and about or by your side in the living room, he is eager to please. Make one of our amazing Rottweiler puppies for sale yours today!


Fearless, Good-natured, Steady, Devoted, Obedient, Alert, Confident, Self-assured, Courageous, Calm

Average Adult Weight110 - 130 pounds
Average Adult Height25 – 27 inches
Average Life Expectancy8 - 10 years
Training EASY HARD
Shedding MIN MAX
Adaptability EASY HARD

The Rottweiler breed exudes strength and fearlessness combined with a beautiful, muscular body. Renowned for their loyalty and energy, Rottweilers have long been used as police and military dogs as well as devoted family protectors. Originally, the German Rottweiler was used to drive cattle and pull carts. Today, Rottweiler dogs are friendly, mellow, and intelligent, with a natural instinct to guard and protect their families. As such, early training and socialization are necessary to harness that protectiveness correctly. Rottweiler puppies will respond well to positive, firm training, and grow up to be calm, loving dogs.

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