20 Weeks Old

Date Of Birth: January 24, 2020

Weight (Lbs.): 5

Gender: Male

Color: Red & White Markings

Puppy Tag #: 228101

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What comes with our puppy?


Meet Dash, our irresistible Golden Doodle Puppy. This little guy will steal your heart because he is so darn cute. Take a look at Dash’s face, he is absolutely darling. Also, he is very affectionate and loves to cuddle. Make this adorable Golden Doodle puppy yours today!


Intelligent, Energetic, Friendly, Trainable

Average Adult Weight50 - 90 lbs
Average Adult Height24 – 26 inches
Average Life Expectancy10 - 15 years
Training EASY HARD
Shedding MIN MAX
Adaptability EASY HARD

The Golden Doodle is a wonderful family crossbreed. This breed combines the best of both worlds in its parent breeds, the Golden Retriever and the Poodle. Adaptable and smart, with winning good looks, this mixed breed has quickly become one of the most sought after in America.

The Golden Doodle is a hypoallergenic dog who sheds minimally if at all. This makes them an ideal canine choice for people or families with allergies. Standard Golden Doodles are medium to large-sized dogs. Although Miniature Golden Doodles are available for people or families with smaller living environments. The Golden Doodle makes an excellent family dog with her charismatic silliness and her loyal, affectionate nature. The breed’s intelligence makes the Golden Doodle an easily trainable dog. Early socialization and positive training are best for a Golden Doodle puppy.

With a moderate activity level, the Golden Doodle will be happy to accompany you on a hike, a run, or on a walk around the block. This breed thrives on human companionship. Therefore, needs to be a regular part of the family. If the Golden Doodle sounds like the dog for you, view all of our available Golden Doodle puppies from our conscientious and reputable Golden Doodle Breeders, and add some cuteness and love to your life.