18 Weeks Old

Date Of Birth: November 23, 2019

Weight (Lbs.): 3

Gender: Male

Color: Tri

Puppy Tag #: 233641

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What comes with our puppy?


Meet Jack, one of our wonderful mini Bernedoodle puppies (F1) for you. He is a dashing little guy with lots of confidence and energy. Jack loves to be around people of all ages, therefore he will make a great mini Bernedoodle companion for any family dynamic. He has a black and white coat and the coolest tan eyebrows add to his character. Make this unique and amazing mini Bernedoodle puppy yours today!


Friendly, gentle, smart, affectionate

Average Adult Weight10 - 90 lbs
Average Adult Height12 - 29 inches
Average Life Expectancy12 to 18 years.
Training EASY HARD
Shedding MIN MAX
Adaptability EASY HARD

The Bernedoodle Dog is a mixed breed that combines the best qualities of the Poodle and the Bernese Mountain dog. Therefore, this breed is Goofy, clever, and affectionate. The result is a breed that showcases both the comic silliness of the Poodle with the stoic loyalty of the Bernese Mountain dog.

Bernedoodle’s main job is to be his owner’s best friend. Whether you are hiking through the woods or curling up on the couch, your Bernedoodle will be right by your side. Friendly and social, The Bernedoodle is an excellent dog breed because they are friendly and social. Therefore, the ideal breed for active families.

Mini Bernedoodles are also available for families who want a smaller version of this wonderful mixed-breed dog. Bernedoodle puppies can have a stubborn streak, but proper, early training and socialization combined with their intelligence levels means they are a quick study and highly trainable. If you are looking for an affectionate canine with lots of charisma, look no further than the Bernedoodle. View all our available Bernedoodle Puppies from vetted, professional breeders and choose your new best friend today.