13 Weeks Old

Date Of Birth: October 22, 2019

Weight (Lbs.): 6

Gender: Male

Color: Black

Puppy Tag #: 232597

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What comes with our puppy?


Meet Will, one of our adorable Labradoodle puppies for you. He is a loving and energetic puppy. Therefore, whether it’s on the go or watching tv, Will is more than happy to be by your side. He has an awesome temperament and personality. Make this amazing Labradoodle puppy yours today!



Friendly, Energetic, Intelligent, Joyful, Social

Average Adult Weight50 - 65 lbs
Average Adult Height21 - 24 inches
Average Life Expectancy12 - 14 years
Training EASY HARD
Shedding MIN MAX
Adaptability EASY HARD

Wondering if a labradoodle puppy is right for you? The Labradoodle is popular. This hybrid breed combines the best qualities from the Poodle and the Standard Labrador Retriever. Similar to the Goldendoodle, Labradoodle is a designer breed option and can vary in size from standard to the Mini Labradoodle. They are energetic like the Lab and loyal from both the Poodle and the Lab. Labradoodle puppies can be a great addition to any family. 

An intelligent mixed breed, a Labradoodle puppy will be easy to train. They also get along well with other dogs and children. Labradoodle puppies come in an array of colors. The most popular being the chocolate Labradoodle. Though not guaranteed and dependent on the individual puppy itself, the labradoodle can be hypoallergenic. Making them an excellent choice for those who suffer from allergies or those who want a low-shedding breed. 

Ready to bring a Labradoodle puppy home? We here at One Bark Plaza have Labradoodle breeders who are vetted, assuring you healthy labradoodle puppies. Come look at our Labradoodle puppies for sale now!