55 Weeks Old

Date Of Birth: May 5, 2019

Weight (Lbs.): 3.3

Gender: Female

Color: black/white/tan

Puppy Tag #: 214448

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What comes with our puppy?


Meet Nadine, our beautiful Pomsky puppy. Her energy and charisma make her the best of both worlds. Nadine’s bright eyes and alert personality make her very eager to please. She has loads of energy, which makes her perfect for the active family. Nadine loves the outdoors, therefore she is ready to go explore the neighborhood with you. She will make a sweet and perfect little companion. Make her yours today!


Loving, friendly, energetic, playful

Average Adult Weight15 - 38 lbs
Average Adult Height12 - 15 inches
Average Life Expectancy12 - 15 years
Training EASY HARD
Shedding MIN MAX
Adaptability EASY HARD

With adorable looks, playful antics, and silly nature, the Pomsky is a dog who gives and demands attention. This designer dog breed is a cross between the diminutive Pomeranian and the Siberian Husky. The Pomsky is a highly adaptable dog and is a perfect fit for smaller homes and apartments. They have moderate exercise needs and do not require much space, making them ideal for city life.

The Pomsky can be chatty and vocal, like her Siberian Husky parent and yappy like the Pomeranian, so pet parents need to put up with some noise with this breed. She also sheds considerably, and an owner should be prepared to groom her frequently. Pomsky puppies should receive early training and socialization so puppies can grow up to be socialized adult dogs.

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