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Starter Bundle

Hands down, you need a leash. We recommend a harness to a collar because of comfort and stability. Puppies are notoriously squirmy, and since you will be leash training them, dog harnesses tend to be more secure than a collar. We also wanted to be sure you had a versatile feeding/water bowl for when you are home or out and about. We love the collapsible bowl with a carabiner clip for road trips, walks in the park or long days at the farmer’s market. 



  • Collapsible Puppy Bowl
  • No Pull Puppy Harness
  • Premier Puppy Leash

Pro Bundle

In addition to the new puppy start kit items, you will get a place for a new puppy to sleep, puppy whistle for training, wee-wee pads, high-quality feeding dishes, and poo bags. It is typically illegal, and not mention gross, to neglect cleaning up your puppy’s poo. Having a reliable walking system in place allows you to focus on training and care – not fumbling around with your gear. 



  • Collapsible Puppy Bowl

  • No Pull Puppy Harness

  • Premier Puppy Leash

  • Non-Skid Mat W. 2 Sm.Bowls

  • Dog Bone Bag Dispenser

  • Puppy Whistle

  • Puppy Poppy Bag Holder

  • Puppy Training Pads

  • *Sm. Reversable Puppy Bed


Platinum Bundle

Walk training just a whole lot more exciting with a flashlight, upgraded leash, and padded harness. Your puppy will love napping with the extra snugly blanket and a premium, plush bed. The pros know your must-have toys on day one to reduce whining, barking, chewing, and/or separation anxiety. Our pro package includes many toys for you to explore with your new fur-baby. 



  • Collapsible Puppy Bowl

  • Light Up Premier Harness

  • Retractable Leash W. Flashlight

  • Non-Skid Mat W. 2 Sm.Bowls

  • Dog Bone Bag Dispenser

  • Puppy Whistle

  • Puppy Poppy Bag Holder

  • Puppy Training Pads

  • *Lg. Plush Poppy Bed

  • Asst. of Puppy Chew Toys

  • Plush Poppy Blanket

  • Handipod With Keyring Hook

Collapsible Puppy Bowl

Give your new furry friend something to smile about with a collapsible bowl that will allow them to enjoy their favorite food no matter where the day takes you. The compact and easy-to-clean design is perfect when you want to take them on an exciting new adventure.


Light Up Premier Harness

Keep your four-legged friend safe when you introduce them to the rest of the neighborhood thanks to this innovative light up harness. The built-in lights and ultra-reflective material ensure they can be seen from every angle, no matter how much mischief they try and get up to.



Retractable Leash W. Flashlight

Train your new four-legged companion to walk the right way on the lead from day one thanks to this easy-to-use retractable lead. Designed for use in all weathers and to fit any collar, it even comes complete with an integrated flashlight. Just what you need when you want to lead the way.

Non-Skid Mat W. 2 Small Bowls

Make mealtimes the highlight of the day for your adorable little pooch with these matching bowls and non-skid mat. Whether they’re quenching their thirst or chowing down, you’ll be able to sit back and watch that tail wag like the loving owner you are.


Dog Bone Bag Dispenser

No matter whether you’ve got a brand-new puppy or a dog that’s been by your side for years, it’s all too easy to forget to take your bags with you. With this cute little doggie bone dispenser clipped onto your jacket or keys you can make sure the two of you are never caught short.



Puppy Whistle

Training is one of the most fun parts of owning a puppy, but it’s also one of the most demanding. That’s why owners across the nation are using our signature puppy whistle to train their doggies to behave when they are let off the lead. The high pitched sound is inaudible to humans, but is always heard loud and clear by your pup.



Puppy Training Pads

House train your puppy the smarter with our easy-to-use training pads and you’ll notice the difference in no time at all. The absorbent material is durable and designed to leave your home smelling fresher for longer. Exactly what you need when you’re training your puppy the right way.


*Large Plush Puppy Bed

Every puppy deserves a bed to call their own, and your pup is no different. With this large plush bed sat in the corner of the lounge they simply won’t be able to resist putting their paws up as you put your feet up. Perfect for when you want to spend some relaxing time together in the evenings as you rest up after the day’s big walk.


Assorted Puppy Chew Toys

Chew toys not only give your puppy plenty of stimulation and entertainment, they’re also a great way to promote bonding between dog and owner. By playing with your puppy you can give them the confidence they need to grow up into the adventurous doggie you know they can be.


Plush Puppy Blanket

Whether you’re traveling in the car or snuggling up at home, your pup will love nothing more than the feel of their very own plush blanket. It’s designed to keep them warm and cozy all year round and provides that extra little bit of comfort that will have them drifting off into a deep sleep.


Handipod With Keyring Hook

The Handipod ensures you have every dog owner’s most important tool with you no matter where the day takes you. By always having a spare bag within easy reach, you’ll be able to take your puppy with you all day long without having to worry about a thing.