Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday to spend with friends and family, but it can also lead to distress for your new puppy. As your new fur-ever friend is developing and growing, Thanksgiving can be an overstimulating event for your pup. Here are five Thanksgiving tips to help you and your puppy get through the holiday:

Know what Thanksgiving foods they can and can’t eat.

It can be hard to resist feeding your pup some thanksgiving treats, but sometimes the best intentions can turn into a nightmare. As a new puppy parent, you must be extra vigilant on what your puppy is consuming, especially since they are still developing. It is important to inform your guests not to overshare some scraps or not to share at all with your pup. Here are some food items to watch out for:

 Turkey- Although it may seem harmless, a Thanksgiving turkey can be detrimental to your puppy. If you do want to let your pup enjoy a piece, make sure it is plain and skinless. All of the added favoring, including onion, can cause digestive issues, especially to a puppy. 

Desserts- Though they may look delicious to us, desserts can have ingredients unknown to us that can cause them harm. This includes chocolate, artificial sweetener Xylitol, grapes, and raisins. 

What is great is that you can prepare doggie treats so that your furry friend can also be included in the holiday! Check out Thanksgiving treats you can make for your puppy! Make sure your puppy can eat and fully digest these treats before you give it to them.

Keep your pup separated from the holiday crowd.

Puppies are just like human babies; too much stimulus can be upsetting. If you are hosting Thanksgiving this year, it is a good idea to keep your puppy separated from the rest of the festivities. More people means higher noise levels that can easily upset your puppy, especially if they are nervous. Place the puppy in a separate room of your house, preferably on the opposite side. This will dilute the noise level and help keep your pup calm. 

Prepare your puppy for the holiday.

Thanksgiving sometimes means being away from your puppy longer than usual. It is essential to prepare your puppy for this time way whether you’re hosting or visiting someone else

Crate- You can use Thanksgiving to help crate train your pup to handle more extended periods. Crates are also helpful if you’re worried about the trouble your puppy can get into. 

Toys- Giving your pup their favorite toy will help distract them and keep them occupied.

Puppy Pads- Laying down extra puppy pads are a great way to avoid accidents and help you clean up messes.

Food & Water- Make sure you have given your puppy their food and water before you leave or become too distracted with the holiday festivities. Also, make sure they use the restroom as well.

Tire your puppy out.

Puppies are balls of energy that want to play. Unfortunately, this means that during Thanksgiving, you may not be able to give your puppy your attention. To avoid this, tiring your puppy is an excellent way to keep them calm during the festivities. If you are hosting, your tired puppy can sleep through all of the noise and activity. If you are leaving to a holiday dinner, your puppy can rest while you’re away and not notice your prolonged absence. 

Check-in on your puppy.

Even with all of the preparations you make to make sure your puppy can make it through Thanksgiving comfortably, you still need to check-in on them. If you’re are hosting or they are with you when you travel, keep an ear out for any distressful noises coming from your pup. Check on them every so often to make sure they are doing okay. If you’re away for the day, make sure they have everything they need for your absence. If you’re going away a few days, make sure you have a reliable friend checking-in on them or staying with them. If they are old enough and have their current vaccinations, consider putting them up in a dog hotel.

Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be a stressful time for you and your puppy! Being prepared and safe can make this holiday a genuinely thankful time. Follow our Thanksgiving tips for a smooth holiday. Check out our article on Puppy Behaviour and What To Expect to learn more and combine with our Thanksgiving tips!