About Our Puppies

What comes with our Puppies

At One Bark Plaza, we take Pride in our Community of Breeders.

The good health and well-being of the pets in our care is our utmost goal.

We use a local veterinarian to examine each new arrival thoroughly. After they have been checked by the veterinarian and issued a health certificate, they are started on a regimen of deworming medications for intestinal parasites and given a 30-day treatment of Frontline Plus flea & tick medication.

All of our puppies are sent to their new home with a completed schedule of vaccinations. Most of the time, this includes Neopar (Parvo Virus), LCI-GP, DA2PPV (puppy boosters) and IntraNasal (Kennel Cough) immunizations. If a puppy is nearing 16 weeks of age when he is in our care, a veterinarian or certified staff member will administer rabies per State Law guidelines on a weekly basis.
In addition to their vaccinations, de-wormings, vet examination and health guarantee, our puppies are sent home with a complimentary bag of the puppy food. It is important to continue feeding this brand of food after the puppies leave our care to prevent stress on their bellies. We encourage you to continue feeding this brand of food, but if you should decide to change brands, this free bag will allow you to gradually switch foods.
You are not required to purchase a puppy, but we are all about educating and teaching our customers.
Finding the right pet for your family is important to us. We encourage all customers to make the decision carefully to bring a new puppy home. A new puppy is very similar to an infant and must always be cared for. You must be willing to dedicate your time to caring for this infant.
If you have ANY question at all during this process, please do not hesitate to contact any of our managers. They are more than willing to sit down and talk to you about any questions or concerns you may have. Remember, we want to find the right puppy for your family.

Ok. Now that you have completed the paperwork, we will reach out to the breeder and let them know all about you and that puppy’s name has found his/her furever home. Your puppy will be all up to date with shots/vaccines but will go back to the vet one more time for any shots/vaccines due and for a full nose to tail vet check before coming home to you.

Once we reviewed the documents, we will call you to confirm travel plans 48-72 hours prior to departure and give you a time and date for pickup.
Once you receive your puppy, we want you to bring your baby to your vet. We will supply you with up to $50 for your vet visit. You will also have some documentation that we need your vet to fill out on our behalf. Your puppy should go to the vet no later than 72 hours after arrival to activate that guarantee. Failure to do so would void our guarantee.

While we do not actively endorse any specific vet or hospitals, we do recommend you go to https://www.aaha.org/default.aspx

As we find they are one of the only organizations that accredits veterinary hospitals in the US and Canada, AAHA sets the standard for quality veterinary care”.

Fun fact: AAHA guidelines are professional recommendations that help veterinary teams continue to deliver quality veterinary care. AAHA guidelines cover everything from dentistry and senior care to nutrition and vaccines.

What comes with our Puppy

What comes with our Puppies
All of our puppies go home with a full puppy package. This includes:
  • Up to Date Immunizations
  • Veterinarian Health Examination
  • Veterinarian Health Certificate
  • De-worming Regimen
  • 7 Year limited Health Guarantee (Congenital, Hereditary Defects)
  • Unlimited Puppy Education and Advice