Why a Collie Makes a Great Pet

Whether you are in search of a show dog or a family companion, the Collie will not disappoint. They are intelligent, protective, and beautiful, making them a good family dog, a working dog, or a show dog. This breed originates from the Highlands of Scotland, where they were used to herd all types of livestock. Now, the Collie still is considered a herding dog but has also come to be known as a great all-around dog. You may recognize the Rough Collie breed from the popular TV show “Lassie” or seen Reveille, Texas A&M’s official mascot, over the years. No Matter where you put this breed, can you be sure that they will be an excellent companion. Read on the learn more about this great dog.

1. Collies have a gentle personality. 

Sweet and gentle, the Collie is a loving breed that enjoys being a part of the family. This breed has a protective nature making them an excellent choice for families with small children. They also get along great with other dogs due to their friendly nature. They make friends pretty easily, which means they might not be the best choice for a guard dog. With proper training, however, they can still help you keep an eye on your family.

Why a Collie Makes a Great Pet

2. The Collie is an active breed.


Bred for herding, the Collie remains an active breed. Luckily, they can adapt comfortably in most environments just as long as they receive daily exercise. Due to their activeness and their ability to learn fast, they excel as show dogs. Rough Collies are among the most popular to be entered in competitions.


3. Their beautiful does require grooming.

The amount of grooming that this breed requires depends on the type. The Rough Collie, like “Lassie,” has long hair, while the Smooth breed has shorter hair. The Smooth Collie only requires brushing once a week. The Rough Collie, however, does require more frequent brushing because it does have a thicker coat. Be aware that this breed does shed a lot, which might not make them the right choice for someone with allergies. Visit our Puppy Packages page to see our care products!

collie, Why a Collie Makes a Great Pet

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