Why Golden Retriever Puppies make Great Pets

Intelligent, friendly, and loyal, it’s easy to see why the Golden Retriever is listed as one of the most popular breeds. From the big screen to the oval office, this breed is great for any role. A puppy to a grown adult, they love to play and be active. Golden Retrievers are not known to be an aggressive breed, but rather friendly and outgoing, making them an excellent choice for active owners.  

It is important to start obedience training on your puppy. They love having things in their mouths, including a toy, sticks, tennis balls, etc. Early training can keep your pet from chewing items they shouldn’t be chewing. A great dog all around, here are three facts to know about the Golden Retriever:

1. The Golden Retriever is a good family dog. 

The Golden Retriever is loving, obedient, and playful, perfect for families looking for a larger, gentle dog. They have a calm and kind temperament; their patience is suitable for families with children. They are also equally as friendly towards strangers, making them a poor choice for a guard dog. It is unnatural for this breed to be aggressive and timid.

Why a Golden Retriever Would Make a Great Pet

2.  The Gold Retriever is an active breed.

They are active, patient, and obedient demeanor makes it easy to train the Golden Retriever. Initially bred for hunting, this dog can easily focus on whatever task is presented in front of them. They love playing fetch, swimming, running, or any activity that gets their heart pumping. Though be wary, they can be prone to fatigue if you don’t stop them. Though they are a larger breed, they are very agile, making them excellent hunting dogs for birds and smaller prey.


3. Their coat is beautiful is beautiful but is prone to shedding. 

Their beautiful coats are also a defining characteristic for the Golden Retriever. The breed comes in three styles: American, Canadian, and English. The American version has a typically darker coat and a smaller body frame compared to the other two. The Canadian Golden Retriever’s coat is thinner and shorter. The British Golden Retriever has a lighter, almost white, coat and is more stocky. No matter the type, however, know that this dog shed a lot. You can expect this breed to need daily brushing as they are prone to heavy shedding throughout the year. 

Why a Golden Retriever Would Make a Great Pet

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