Why Havanese Puppies make Great Pets

Known for their long silky hair, the Havanese is a great companion dog to add to your family. Bred for the upper class in Cuba, this dog has since become an increasingly popular choice for people who are looking for a beautiful small companion dog. His loves meeting know people but is nothing but affectionate towards his family. Don’t be fool by their size, however, this breed has an amazing amount of energy. This combined with their loyal personality, they make for an excellent competition dog. Whether you’re looking to add this dog to your family or wanting to know more, here’s three facts about the Havanese:

1. The Havanese is loving towards anyone they meet, especially their owner. 

This breed is sweet, giving their owner a his attention, always sticking by him. Their craving for companionship, however, means that they will not do well when left alone all day. They are also not known to be a breed that excessively barks, making them a great choice for apartment living.

Why a Havanese Would Make a Great Pet?

2. Their coat is beautiful but requires grooming.

The Havanese has a dense coat that can be straight or curly. If your dog has a curly coat, this means they are prone to matting and tangles so it is important to brush them at a minimum twice a week. If your Havanese has a more silky, straight coat, then they do not require as much brushing. Regardless of coat, if you want less grooming, then trimming their hair will help. This will also help with excess hair around their eyes.


3. The Havanese is a good choice for a hypoallergenic dog.

This breed does not drool a lot nor do they produce a lot of dander, which is what usually people are allergic too. Though they do have a long double coat, they do not shed frequently and again, do not produce much dander. Their lack of shedding, however, does mean their coat needs to be cut if you don’t your Havanese to have longer hair. It is important to remember that no one dog is 100% hypoallergenic.

Why a Havanese Would Make a Great Pet?

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