Why Pomeranian puppies make great pets

Small and fluffy with a whole lot of spunk, the Pomeranian is a great pet for those living in apartments or a smaller space. The Pomeranian is classified as a toy breed due to its small stature and is the smallest breed of the spitz family. Though initially bred for sledding, over the years, the Pomeranian has been bred down to the compact size it’s known for today. Even Queen Victoria was known to have owned a small Pomeranian.

Proud and confident, the Pomeranian boasts their beautiful fluffy coat, tiny ears, and round eyes. Smart and active, there is never a dull day with this lively breed. It is easy to see why the Pomeranian is considered a favorite small dog breed in America. Here are some things you should know about the Pomeranian:

1. The Pomeranian is very self-confident.  

Generally, Pomeranians are friendly little dogs, but sometimes they don’t know their size. They can get territorial towards bigger dogs and start barking. Their proud and adventurous nature can lead them to wandering off, so make sure they are on a leash or in an enclosed space. They are alert by nature, making them prone to excessive barking. This breed love being the center of attention and are not afraid to show off their personality.

Why a Pomeranian Would Make a Great Pet

2. Their double coat requires frequent grooming.

Pomeranians have a thick textured double coat that is luxurious, making them great dogs for competitions. This double coat, however, does mean constant shedding and brushing in order to maintain the coat’s quality. The inner layer is thick and soft, while the outer layer is more feathery and longer. Though needing extra maintenance, their coat is beautiful and comes in an array of colors.


3. The Pomeranian is as active as they are cute.

This breed does need daily exercise, even if it’s a short walk as they are prone to obesity. Playful and adventurous, the Pomeranian is always ready for a game or to go exploring. Pomeranians are very intelligent and can quickly learn tricks, and do well in obedience training. Training a Pomeranian puppy can help them not become dominate and socialize better when they are older.

Why a Pomeranian Would Make a Great Pet

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