Why German Shepherd Puppies are Great Pets

When it comes to devotion and courage, it’s hard to find a better dog breed than the German Shepherd. This highly intelligent and capable working dog is incredibly versatile and excels at nearly everything and anything he is asked to do. The German Shepherd, sometimes spelled German Shepard, is one of the noblest and recognizable dogs in the world, and for a good reason. Loyal and faithful, the German Shepherd breed stands paws and tails above other breeds when it comes to competitive obedience, guide assistance, and police and military work. More so, German Shepherds are great pets because of the companionship and love they offer their families. Here are the top three things to know about the German Shepherd.

1. The German Shepherd needs daily exercise.

If you’re looking for a four-legged friend to keep you and your family on your feet more and off the couch less, the German Shepherd might be the breed for you. This breed was designed to be a working dog, first to herd sheep, and more often in modern times, to chasing down criminals, serving in the military, competing in agility and obedience shows, and herding various stock. Therefore, the German Shepherd dog is, by nature, a high-energy breed and requires daily physical exercise. If your German Shepherd isn’t a working dog or police dog, you can keep him engaged and on the move with a few vigorous daily walks, visits to the dog park, or playing frisbee and fetch. A tired German Shepherd dog is a happy German Shepherd dog!

Why German Shepherds are Great Pets

2. German Shepherds require mental stimulation and human company.

The German Shepherd breed is known for its high rate of intelligence. While that means that German Shepherds are easily trainable, it also means they have a low tolerance for boredom. Just as this breed needs regular physical exercise to be happy, he needs mental exercise just as much. Consistent, positive training and fun games that keep your German Shepherd puppy on his toes and using his brain will result in a socialized, content family dog. German Shepherds thrive on working and training and using their minds because they are working dogs who love a challenging job.

This fact also means that German Shepherd puppies are not good dogs to leave alone for long periods. A bored German Shepherd can resort to destructive activities like chewing and digging, and a German Shepherd puppy who is left alone by his pet parents for hours on end is likely to suffer from separation anxiety. Bringing a German Shepherd into your family means planning to make your puppy a regular part of your daily life.


3. The German Shepherd is a heavy shedding breed.

Classically beautiful and noble in looks, the German Shepherd’s coarse, wiry coat comes in a variety of color patterns, from white, black, sable, and blue, to black and cream, black and red, and black and silver combinations. However, prospective German Shepherd puppy parents should be aware that this is a dog breed that sheds a considerable amount. The German Shepherd dog developed a medium-length double coat for protection from harsh weather when he was out herding livestock in fields and on mountains. Modern German Shepherds have the same coat and they shed year-round. Brushing your German Shepherd dog three times a week can help remove loose and dead hair before it hits your clothes and floors, but the German Shepherd remains a heavy shedding dog.

The German Shepherd may be aloof when meeting strangers, but he is unfailingly dedicated and loving toward his family. Perfect for active pet parents and families, the German Shepherd loves to be part of his owner’s everyday life. Highly intelligent and eager to learn, the German Shepherd is trainable and needs both physical and mental stimulation. Are you looking for a devoted German Shepherd puppy? If so, look at our German Shepherd puppies for sale at One Bark Plaza, and we’ll help you find your new best friend today.

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