The Maltipoo, one of the most popular designer breeds in America, is the result of a cross between a Toy or Miniature Poodle and a Maltese. This breed is known for its fun-loving nature and affectionate personality. There’s no wonder that this small dog with an adorable face has captured the hearts of pet lovers everywhere. The Maltipoo makes for a great pet because of their personality and their adaptability to numerous living environments. Here are the top three things to know about the Maltipoo breed.

1. The Maltipoo has a wonderful temperament.

With a zest for life that you will envy, the Maltipoo loves to live life large despite the breed’s small size. Active and feisty, a Maltipoo will be just as happy to take a short walk with you around the block as they will racing through the house to play with their toys. This breed’s cuddly approach to companionship means you will never be without your best four-legged friend by your side. Maltipoos are devoted to their pet parents and need to be an active part of family life. The Maltipoo’s temperament shines through in their friendliness toward strangers, children, and other family pets.

2. Maltipoos are incredibly adaptable dogs.

Some dog breeds have specialized needs for living environments, but not the Maltipoo. They can adapt to any kind of home, whether a large house, condominium or smaller apartment. As long as the Maltipoo is with his people and living indoors, he is happy. This versatility, combined with the Maltipoo’s personality, makes this dog perfect for first-time dog owners. They are easy to train and quick to learn. Therefore, the Maltipoo is ideal for a growing family, for empty-nesters, or the elderly. The Maltipoo is such a stable dog that they’re often used for therapy work in nursing homes and hospitals.

3. The Maltipoo sheds less than some other dog breeds.

Maltipoos are considered a hypoallergenic breed, meaning this dog does not shed as much as many other dog breeds. It’s important to note that all dogs shed to some degree, but designer breeds such as the Maltipoo were created in part to limit shedding. The Maltipoo’s low-shedding, the low-dander coat makes him an excellent choice for owners or family members who suffer from allergies. How much a Maltipoo sheds depends on which side of the family he takes after the most, and since both Poodles and Maltese are hypoallergenic in their own right, it’s a good bet that the Maltipoo won’t shed so much that you’ll be chasing hairballs around the house.

The Maltipoo is a small, happy-go-lucky dog who loves nothing more than to be the best companion possible to his family. Thrown in his adaptability to multiple living environments and his low-shedding coat, and you can see why so many people love this designer dog. Are you interested in adding a Maltipoo to your family? Contact us at One Bark Plaza to find a Maltipoo puppy who is right for you.

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