Why Pug Puppies make Great Pets

Whether you’re looking for a lap dog or a dog with a whole lot of personality, the Pug is the dog for you. The breed originally was bred in China, gaining popularity with royalty. As Trading increase between Asia and Europe, The Pug founds its way through European royalty including Queen Victoria.

Today, the Pug is a popular choice for people looking for a companion. They love the attention they receive from their owners, and they love being the center of attention. Whether you’re thinking about owning a Pug or wish to know more, here are three facts you should know about the Pug:

1. The Pug’s personality is big as they are small 

The Pug is loving, affectionate, loyal, but they do have a tendency to be a trouble maker. Their stubbornness can make it hard to train them. Without proper obedience training, you can expect the Pug to get into trouble. By starting to train your Pug puppy, you can help him learn how to socialize, not be destructive, and how to control his barking.

Why Pugs Would Make Great Pets?

2. The Pug is a brachycephalic breed.

One of the Pug’s more noticeable traits is their short noses and squished faces. Part of the brachycephalic dog breeds, the Pug is prone to breathing problems do to their small nostrils and small windpipe. This leads to snorting, rapid breathing, panting, frequent coughing, and fatigue. It is important to keep an eye on your Pug and visit with your veterinarian if their breathing becomes a problem.


3. A brushing a day keeps the shedding away.

A standard Pug comes in fawn or all black with slight variations in colors. Though the Pug’s coat is short, they are known to shed a lot. This is due to their double coat. To avoid dog hair comsuming your life, daily brushing will help keep the shedding to a lesser amount. Bathing the Pug will also help minimize the shedding, though they do not require constant baths. It is important to note that after you wash your Pug, the folds on their face must be pat dry in order to prevent infection.

Why Pugs Would Make Great Pets?

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